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Final acceptance

We would like to emphasise the following:

  • The defamation claim has been stricken off only due to a mere technicality. This belongs to a higher court and I could still pursue your client on this matter if I wanted. Therefore the striking off of this aspect of my claim is only due to a mere technicality and does not have anything to do with the strict evidence brought forward.
  • We have seen your defence and we have replied to it with plenty of evidence. My reply to your defence is very clear, plenty of evidence has been brought forward and we replied to each pint made in your defence and counterclaim bringing strict evidence.
  • A great degree of damage has been caused by your client on connection with my credit file and we have already responded to in our reply to your defence and counterclaim.
  • You mentioned that I merely failed to make the payment. This is clearly not true, we have even brought the matter to court proceedings.  All the conversations, communications, several contradictions and evidence have been completely ignored from your part. Please refer to my reply of your defence and counterclaim. I do not need to repeat myself.  The amount claimed by your client does not correspond to the real usage of electricity of the premises and you can simply refer to our reply to your defence and counterclaim where we bought forward the evidence.

In the light of all documents and evidence it is clear that my claim has plenty of merit. My decision to settle is dictated only by the unwillingness to go though this prolonged process which has already caused much stress  and taken so much of my time.

In the light of all evidence brought forward the case seem quite clear.

To conclude:

  1.  I offer out of good will only, the sum of 4000 GBP to your client which is going to be paid in full in one instalment within 14 days from the date of  your confirmation of acceptance.
  2. The above is done only under the assumption that your client will not place further marks of any type on my credit file in connection with this matter. (Please confirm this in writing). I am afraid this is not negotiable.

I have decided to settle only to try and bring this matter to an end and this does not have anything to do with the legitimacy of my claim and does not justify the conduct of your client. Please bear in mind that this is  done only to bring the matter to a settlement, out of my own good will only, and the legitimacy of my claim is substantiated by hard and clear evidence as seen in the documentation already submitted. Further could be submitted if required.

Once I have received your confirmation, we will contact your client over the phone to make the payment. If a reference number is required please provide it forthwith.

Kind Regards

Andreas Russo

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